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Style tips from Little Miss Mon Bon on dressing for a beach wedding

Well, we've featured a few beach weddings recently: Brad & Jacqui's delightfully vibrant wedding on Meelup Beach in Dunsborough, and Michelle & Craig in Bunker Bay. No doubt as we head into summer we will be seeing plenty more, and so Perth fashion blogger Monique Ceccato's style tips for attending a wedding on the sand grabbed our attention.

Photo: Trish Woodford Photography / Location: Meelup Beach, Dunsborough

Monique writes that considering all the popular locations for outdoor weddings these days, he favourite are probably beach ceremonies:

My dream wedding is set on the beach, with picnic blankets, bean bags, fairy floss vendors and fun tequila cocktails. Beach weddings are my idea of the perfect wedding. The salty breeze, sound of the waves and sand between your toes is quite a different wedding experience to that of an indoor wedding, or even that of a garden wedding.

However, she points out that beaches present one with rather more variables then other locations and a completely different aesthetic that needs to be accounted for. Take shoes for example—sand and shoes do not play well together:

Trying to navigate shifting, sinking, uneven ground is hard enough barefoot, let alone in any sort of heel (wedges included!). Getting sand in your shoes is not fun either, so going barefoot is the ultimate. I know it sounds odd when you are at a wedding, but if the location allows, why not?!

She suggests that if you must wear shoes, flat sandals are pretty much your only option. If you are going barefoot, make an extra effort with accessories like sunglasses and hats.

Photo: Ange Wall Photography / Location: Bunker Bay Beach, Cape Naturaliste

For your dress, the longer the better. Her view is that because the beach is already such a casual venue, combined with the likelihood of bare feet, “showing too much leg comes off as being far too underdressed for the occasion… keep it classy and go for something with some length.”

For your actual dress material, you’ll need something that “will dance in the breeze”. Look for relaxed silhouettes and materials:

When you are at a location by the water, dresses that are more fluid and relaxed work better than fitted and structural pieces—they are almost too uptight.

Photo: Izo Photography / via ‘two thousand and sixteen

And of course, most important of all is “colour, colour, colour.”

I feel like this one goes without saying. It just makes sense to be wearing fresh colours while you are celebrating love in the sunshine, by the beautiful blue of the ocean. Prints or block colours – anything that celebrates colour, works by the beach. You don’t have to go crazy on colour if it is not your thing, just try to avoid black, navy, grey and any really deep, dark colours.

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