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Rolling Hills and Ocean Views at Kacie & Justin’s Rustic Wedding in the South West

Just take a look at the backdrop to Kacie & Justin’s rustic south west wedding—beautiful rolling green hills and fields, just what they always imagined. This farm was their grandparents’, and they are the only people to have been married there, so it will always feel a bit special to them. The photography was by Peter Edwards Photography who made the best of slightly cloudy day to bring out rich daytime colours and a dramatic evening sky.

For colours, Kacie chose Blush Pink and Navy Blue with hints of greenery and a rustic vintage feel, although she says that the dress came first (ivory with a champagne underlay) and then the styling built around it.

The ceremony was held on the farm in Lowden, whilst the reception was at Vat2 next to the beach in Koombana Bay, Bunbury. Kacie wanted to tie the two settings together and did so by making the seating elements the same. On the farm the “seats” were made of hay bales with calico over the top; they tied twine around the outside of the bales on top of the calico and finished it off with some baby’s breathe tucked through the twine at the back. At the reception they had white chair covers, twine wrapped around the tops and baby’s breathe tucked into the back.

Our reception was at Vat2 and everything that was included there was beyond perfect. The staff and owners really helped us out with setting up and what not. The view of the beach was beautiful and the food was to die for. The best thing was that we didn’t have to pay extra for the venue and they didn’t have ridiculous added fees just because it was a wedding.

My cake wasn’t white because I like chocolate more. The actual flavour was “Bacon and Guinness” with brown icing.

Bride's Review

Peter Edwards Photography were so professional and made the shoot a lot of fun. I didn't want it to end! They even made my husband feel really comfortable and he is usually quite camera shy.


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