Where we are

Located about one kilometre from the Bunbury town center, the Wyalup-Rocky is an extensive black, basalt rock formation overlooking Bunbury's Back Beach.

When the tide is out you can walk amongst the rocks. When the tide is in, the waves roll and crash onto the rocks throwing up spray into the air—even on relatively calm days. It can make for a spectacular backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Adjacent to the rocks is a grassy foreshore with plenty of picnic areas and car parking although shade and tree cover is limited. To the north of the point is the distinctive black and white Bunbury Lighthouse Lookout.

This is a popular area for locals and community events, so make sure you get a booking for this reserve in advance. To see a wedding in this location check out Krystle & Chad (2014).

Make a booking for this reserve to the City of Bunbury with the Wedding Application Form.