Where we are

The Holy Trinity Catholic Church is a Spanish-style, ochre coloured church situated on top of a small hill next to the Thompson Bay settlement. The church was built in 1975 and blends in well with the colonial architecture of the island. The interior is light and airy, and has a capacity of 100 people, with provision for larger groups when the full length doors on each side are opened into the secluded courtyard.

A bequest made possible a chime of eightbells to replace the original single bell house in the tower. The chime consists of a musical octave and simple tunes can be played. These bells are popular at the ceremonies.

For general enquiries, please contact the Catholic Church Coordinating Chaplain, Father Leon on +61 8 9292 5052.

Gallery features images of Rob & Anne-Marie’s wedding (2017) by Trish Woodford Photography.