Where we are

As one of the most booked Wedding DJ's in Perth we can offer you the assurance that your experience both before and during your celebration will be nothing but amazing. Find out more about us and our services by clicking the button below.

The Beginning

My name is Eden Dearlove and I am the main DJ here at Eden The DJ Guy.  I’ve been a paid professional DJ for over 17 years (as at 2014).  I originally started out with a few friends in New Zealand working at a bar which was located about 45 minutes from my hometown. Initially I began doing the “junk time” which was the off peak starting time for a couple years.  After about a year or two of training I then began doing mobile events such as birthdays, sports clubs and other non-wedding specific shows.

The Move

In March of 2000 I moved to Melbourne city on the east coast of Australia.  It was at this time that I took my first steps on my own as a professional DJ on weekends while maintaining a day job.  I quickly built a reputation amongst a varied clientele as a DJ who would play the music that the clients requested and that was appropriate for the events I would perform at.  While this may seem like a very logical thing to do, its actually one of the biggest problems with hiring a DJ.

The Difference

The ability to play the right music for the right crowd is what has always separated my performance philosophy throughout my DJ career.  In fact it is the one quality I believe has allowed me to stay busy for so long in the industry.  Along with having a client focused approach to an event as well as staying within the boundaries of their requirements I always craft every action I take with a best possible client outcome in mind.

The Arrival

In November of 2011 I “drove” from Melbourne to Perth to pursue a full-time career as a Professional Wedding DJ.  Initially taking up a position with Perth most established and reputable DJ entertainment company Da Doo Ron Ron DJs.  I quickly gained the reputation as a reliable, skilled and thorough entertainer with several positive reviews quickly piling up on my behalf for Da Doo Ron Ron DJ’s.

Flying Solo

With my proven success and aspirations to once again become an independent small business owner I decided around November 2013 to increase my own profile and take on more of my own events.  While I still do have a great relationship with Da Doo Ron Ron DJ’s I found the challenge of building and maintaining my own clientele both enjoyable and rewarding.  I have also integrated many of the philosophies and systems which I have found useful to me as a business owner and to my clients.

Upping The Game

As a pioneer in Melbourne of the DJ & Photo Booth Package concept I have lead the way in WA which many other local DJ or Photo Booth companies have followed.  As well as providing these packages I have also managed to affect the industry wide pricing structure creating high value services at affordable prices.  We currently supply one of Perth’s most affordable DJ/MC & Photo Booth Packages.  In terms of experience I also have some of Perth’s most skilled, talented and requested DJ’s onboard and available for hire.

Continued Improvement

At Eden The DJ Guy we are committed to continually improving upon services.  I always keep watch on the emerging trends coming from North America and Europe and usually offer these services months ahead of the competition.  So,  to get in touch with us today simply head to our Contact Us page or if your on a desktop computer fill out the form to the right and submit it asap for a super fast response.


Eden Dearlove

aka Eden The DJ Guy