Where we are

Chase Dance, the specialist in teaching wedding dance choreography, providing a safe and comfortable learning environment so you can enjoy your first dance with confidence.

You’re thinking…

“The wedding day is almost here and we haven’t done anything about the wedding dance.”

Don’t worry! We have everything you need to get you dancing confidently on your wedding day.

Do we have enough time?

It’s never too late to learn how to dance! Even if your wedding day is in less than a month’s time, we can teach you how to accomplish the impossible and get you feeling happy and confident by the time you hear your wedding song playing.

“We learnt different steps each week and putting them together was easy. Amanda has such a great, vibrant, uplifting energy we really enjoyed our lessons.”

Will my partner like it?

Yes! Within minutes you’ll both be laughing and enjoying yourselves. You’ll both quickly discover how much fun dancing is as you learn cool and impressive moves that will have you both feeling confident.

“Amanda has such a positive, vibrant energy so learning from her was such fun. The lessons were relaxed with lots of laughs. She really took time to cater the moves for our style….you really improve over the course of the lessons and it culminates with a routine that really does stay with you for life!”