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By Hilary Van Eldik From Elope to Ningaloo

Explore Exmouth: Our Guide to the Best Beaches for a Wedding Ceremony

So we've been seeing some fantastic beach weddings showing up on this blog (like Lisa & Josh's in Busselton, Brad & Jacquie in Dunsborough and Michelle & Craig's in Bunker Bay) but we couldn't help but notice one thing—they're all in the south west!

We don’t want you to forget about us up here in Exmouth. We’ve got some of the most incredible beaches in Australia—so long as you make sure to come at the right time of year. The cyclone season falls between 1 November to 30 April and is often the hottest time of the year in Exmouth.

Temperatures often exceed 45C in December.  Any couples planning their weddings in Exmouth should consider alternative locations in the event of cyclonic weather, shade and the provision of water as minimum considerations.

Photo: Renae Harvey Photography

So taking that in mind, here’s our selection of the best places in Exmouth for an incredible wedding ceremony:

Cape Range National Park

Photo: Peta Walker Photography

Cape Range National Park is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife and permits are required to conduct ceremonies within this Park.  They are arranged directly with the DPaW office in Exmouth are there is no fee associated for the permit at the time of writing.

Entry fees are charged either per vehicle or per person if transporting guests by bus (currently $5.50/person).  Due to the fragility of the wildlife within the park, departure times from the park are determined by the bus services to minimise the risk to passengers and wildlife alike.

The most popular beachside locations within the Park are:

  • Turquoise Bay (approx. 63km from Exmouth)
  • Sandy Bay (approx. 80km from Exmouth)

Both beaches offer drop-toilet facilities, however there is no permanent shade.

Things to consider:

  • Entry fees to the National Park
  • Travel time – approximately one hour to each location and one hour return to Exmouth
  • Additional cost of guest transportation
  • Provision of shade and drinks station for comfort during the hotter months
  • If theming yourself – nominating a support crew to carry items on and off the beach
  • Additional supplier costs for travel, etc

Turquoise Bay

Photo: Ocean and Earth Aerial Photography

Turquoise Bay has been voted on Trip Advisor in the Top 25 beach locations in the world.  With pristine white sand and turquoise water, it attracts tourists from all over the world, all year round.  There is a beautiful sandy point between Drift Loop and Bay Loop.  Visible most of the year and at its best at low tide, this is where most couples choose to be married.  Like all west coast beaches, it is exposed to the elements so on windy days we may have to move elsewhere on the beach for comfort.

Turquoise Bay has a wooden decked area near the Bay Loop car park which can be a nice spot for drinks and nibbles afterward.

Given its popularity, Turquoise Bay can be very busy but we always find people are accommodating when they know a wedding is being held on the beach.  There is plenty of parking space and a drop-toilet facility.

Turqouise bay never looks so beautiful as when it is themed by Salt & Sand Event Hire

Sandy Bay

Saacha Photography

Sandy Bay is a little further south and is equally picturesque as Turquoise Bay.  A beautiful expanse of white sandy beach and crystal clear water, this location is popular with kite boarders for its flat expanse of water.  Windy days can attract a lot of action, but the beautifully coloured kites skimming across the water add colour and atmosphere to this stunning area.

There is a toilet facility and two permanent picnic tables with shade – which are often used as drink stations on wedding day.

Photos: Blue Media Photography

Exmouth Beaches

There are many other choices for beach weddings in Exmouth, however it is recommended checking with the Shire of Exmouth to determine whether permits are required.

Photo: Keegan Wong Photography / Kimberley & Callum

Town Beach

Photo: Salt and Sand Event Hire

Town Beach is located close to the town centre, providing an easy segue from ceremony to reception venue.  With a lovely grassed area and permanent picnic tables, this is a nice meeting point for guests and light refreshment between your ceremony and reception.  Tall coconut palms add to its attractiveness and can also cast a shadow onto the beach providing some shade in the afternoon.

If celebrating at Mantarays Resort, Yacht Club or Game Fishing Club, guests can enjoy an easy walk along the beach to any of these venues.

Town Beach is separated from vehicle traffic on the beach and water craft and no dogs are allowed in this area.  There are ample parking and toilet facilities.

Bundegi Beach

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Bundegi is approximately 11km from the town centre and is popular with beach goers in Exmouth.  Early mornings and late afternoons are beautiful at the beach and affords close proximity to other photographic sites including the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and Mildura wreck sites.

Situated at the end of the gulf, there are many features including the Exmouth Navy Pier and Communication Towers.  There is a boat ramp, adequate parking and toilet block.


By Elope to Ningaloo

Elope to Ningaloo is a collaboration between Exmouth Ningaloo Weddings, Blue Media Weddings and Salt and Sand Event Hire, providing professional expertise for intimate elopement ceremonies at Turquoise Bay. Services include professional marriage celebrant, online photo gallery, stunning beachside styling and much much more.