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Chris & Catherine’s timeless and classic Perth wedding

The wedding of Catherine and Chris took place against the backdrop of some of Perth’s most venerable and iconic locations. From the high modernism of the St Cecilia Catholic Parish; to the Mediterranean classicism of UWA’s Hackett Memorial Buildings; the rustic charm of the Crawley Boatshed and the epic lobby of the Hyatt Regency, photographer Geoffrey Liau Photography captures a truly timeless and classic elegance.

Chris and Catherine met at Curtin University where they were studying in the same course. After being friends for some time, they started going out and eventually choosing to get married. They didn’t leave themselves a lot of time for planning—just six months, but they pulled it all together in the end, as Catherine said:

Things don’t have to be perfect like in the movies, just go with it, enjoy it, laugh at it. We had some small issues like grammatical errors on the church program, but we just sat up the night before crossing things out and writing “sorry, our bad”, or “oops, we stuffed up” and everyone found that amusing.”

Catherin was initially hesitant to shop for a gown online, but after eyeing one particular gown on Wedding Outlet for some time, she discovered that it was the dress of her mother-in-law’s friend, so she was able to check it out before purchasing and altering it, which turned out to be perfect.

For the bouquets Catherine went with white roses, nice and simple, with deep orange ones for the bridesmaids and that contrasted beautifully with the blue dresses. The wedding itself took place a week after Easter, and so the church was still beautifully decorated.

Wanting to support a local family-owned business, the couple purchase their cake from Just Cakes. They said that they where a “delight to deal with” and where friendly and kind. They chose chocolate (universal appeal!), and had a water foundation feature for the cake to sit on, giving it some extra flair.

They chose the Hyatt Hotel and simple decor, we didnt and wouldnt advise on going too hard on the smaller decorations details, people dont notice it, costs money, and it become a tiny thing that you spend much stress on

We made table name cards ourselves with the materials we purchased from office work. It was very much hands on but it was worth it. Many people commented on how nice they where, and even kept them. My mum still has her up till today.

Our Dj kept the tunes rolling. The dance floor was hot and even some of our shy friends couldn’t stop themselves. Our Dj knew what to play.

Bride's Review

We spent a generous amount on photography and we got nothing short of professionalism, award winning photos and beautifully crafted album from Geoffrey Liau. Geoff is always looking for a new style to highlight the day and has won multiple awards. He was truly amazing to deal with.


By Rebecca Carmody

Co-founder and editor of WA Weddings; a premium blog showcasing original photography and inspirational ideas from beautiful west coast weddings and the most creative local suppliers who made them possible.