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All You Need to Know to Make Your Grand Wedding Exit

You should organize your wedding day to be truly special day for you and your spouse. Of course, the ceremony itself will definitely be the highlight of this day that celebrates love. However, just like you want a grand entrance and a spectacular moment when the cake arrives, you should also make sure that the wedding exit is the perfect finale to this lovely occasion.

A striking and memorable wedding exit will make the whole experience a lot more interesting, and even the guests will remember this day. If you want some cute ideas on grand wedding exits, keep on reading.

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Confetti shower

If you want your wedding day to be more colorful, confetti shower is definitely a perfect option for the grand finale. This is especially true for cocktail style and more casual weddings. Of course, you have to talk to your friends about who will be in charge of throwing the confetti. Moreover, you want your photographer to capture this exact moment because it is bound to look stunning. The best thing about confetti is that you can choose your own mix of colors that will match your wedding theme perfectly.

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If you want something truly special for your wedding exit, then bubbles may be the perfect solution. A ton of bubbles flying around you as you leave for your honeymoon is truly a sight to behold. This is especially magnificent during the snowy winter. It’s no wonder then that the bubble wedding exit trend is the most popular in Canada. However, bubbles look gorgeous during the spring season as well, which makes them one of the top wedding exit choices. Of course, don’t rely on small toy bubble blowers but get or make bigger ones instead, or rent a bubble blowing machine.

Flower petals

There’s hardly anything more appropriate for a grand wedding exit than a magical flower petal toss. The best part about this traditional wedding exit is the fact that flower shower is appropriate for many different wedding themes and seasons. It looks romantic and beautiful. Also, this particular wedding exit is one of the most popular in Ireland and the countries that have plenty of natural greenery. Moreover, flowers always add a touch of elegance that confetti showers may lack.

Exit it with a parade

For all the couples who want their guest to have some amazing and unforgettable fun on their wedding day, an exit parade seems like a great option. Of course, this idea is inspired by the gorgeous Brazilian parades but, in the end, you can organize it the way you see fit. Instead of just capturing the images of this parade, make sure to have a whole video as well. That way, you will always remember the liveliness and joy of this important day.

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Or, just hitch a ride

In the end, the traditional and timeless wedding exit style definitely involves saying goodbye to everyone as you leave in a “just married” car. This may seem too ordinary at first, but you have the freedom to choose various types of cars for this occasion nowadays, even the vintage ones. On the other end of the spectrum, you can hire modern wedding cars, which are usually really sleek and elegant. This kind of a wedding finale will definitely make for a perfect highlight of your wedding day.

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Remember, even though you may want to impress your guests, your wedding day should still be all about you and your partner. Therefore, just like you would choose the venue, theme, and décor that suits your personalities and tastes the most, opt for a wedding exit that will make you happy and fulfilled. Your guests will definitely be delighted.

By Georgia Selih

Georgia Selih is a journalist and author at highstylife.com. She writes about fashion and beauty, but her love lies in weddings.

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