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Which Suit is Suitable?

You know your bride is busy organising a gown fit for a princess, which means she is expecting a prince at the end of the aisle. With these tips you won't disappoint.


Regular suit – appropriate for casual weddings. You can wear a classic business suit, shirt and tie or simply stylish pants with a nice shirt.

Morning suit – perfect for those formal daytime weddings. This attire consists of a grey cutaway tailcoat, grey striped or black trousers, grey or black double breasted vest, white shirt and grey or white cravat or long tie. You can also complete your look with a silk top hat.

Black tie – the garb of choice for formal evening weddings. It comprises a black single or double-breasted jacket, matching trousers, a white winged collar shirt, a black vest, cummerbund, a black formal tie and white pocket-handkerchief. You can also choose to break the black-and-white look with a coloured vest, tie and pocket-handkerchief.

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