Truss structure for hanging florals & lights


A truss structure can create an impressive centre piece to hang lighting and floral arrangements. Whether you want a curved arch or a large square shaped structure, we can create a truss structure to suit your requirements.

Truss structures can be built both inside a venue and outside, such as in a park or courtyard. Trussing is made from very strong materials so can support the weight of various arrangements. We have set up numerous truss structures for events and so can happily advise the size or shape structure that might suit your requirements. Let us know the look you are seeking and your budget and we can work with you or your wedding planner to create something suitable.

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Delivery/pickup – given the size and weight or trussing and base plates, our technicians would be required to deliver and pick up the equipment. Delivery charge would be based on location.

Set up – once our technicians deliver the equipment, they will be able to set it up for you. A set up charge will apply and this is based on the size or the structure you require, as well as time of set up (e.g. after-hours charges may apply).

Price – pricing varies depending on the size structure you would require. Please contact one of our friendly staff and we can happily arrange a quote for you.