Sparkular Mini Indoor Sparklers


No smoke, no heat! The Sparkular Mini Indoor Sparklers are the first indoor firework cold spark machines in the world! You can create stunning displays with total control and without any hazardous content, smoke effect or odours. They are tailored for use at weddings, parties and any other event where a safe, fun ‘wow’ factor is required!

Sparkular Mini Indoor Sparklers Pricing –

  • $550 for 2 machines ($275 ea)
  • $880 for 4 machines ($220 ea)
  • $1100 for 6 machines (approx $185 ea)

Hire from Megavision




Delivery/Pick Up – our technicians will deliver and pick up the equipment to your venue location so you can rest assured everything is ready to go for when you and your guests arrive. Delivery/pick up charge is based on your venue location.

Set Up – the hire price includes basic set up​ by an AV technician but excludes delivery (delivery charge based on your event location). All machines come with 1 unit of sparkler powder. The machine/s are controlled by a wireless remote so you can specify when to spark and for how long. These units are safe and do not require a licence for use as they are not considered pyrotechnics. However, our technicians are required to come and set up the units for you as well as operate them. The Sparkular Mini machine operates at cool temperatures so the sparks themselves are not flammable and the machines have multiply built-in safety protocols. The start and stop of the effect can be controlled at any time, as well as the time, height and volume of spark.

Price – $550 for 2 machines ($275 ea) or $880 for 4 machines ($220 ea) or $1100 for 6 machines (approx $185 ea).

(If you hire on a Saturday and return Monday, we will still only charge you a 24 hour rate).

Included in this package –

  • Sparkular machines
  • Sparkular powder – 1 sachet per machine
  • Leads to suit
  • Basic set up of machines