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Peter & Charlotte’s DIY wedding in Henley Brook, Swan Valley

Peter and Charlotte chose a darker pallet of navy blue for the bridesmaids’ dresses and men’s suits that contrasted beautifully with the golden sunlight. Charlotte wore a white, lacy gown from Aubrey Rose and they exchanged their vows at the charmingly rustic Albion On Swan with the audience drying eyes left, right and center!

The day started with us getting taken care of at the house of Peter, the handsome, and in-control groom. His mates and his father made us feel right at home, and we got a sandwich—can’t complain about that!

I took the photo of Peter’s untouched childhood room, because I thought it showed their love for things retro and rustic—what with the Star Wars figurines and his own DIY projects still just as he left them.

Peter might have been nervous, but he certainly didn’t show it. I just think he was that excited to get onto the dance floor (which is where he spent most of the evening!).

After all that, off we went to see Charlotte in the Swan Valley, Belhus. She was getting ready at a farm-stay owned and operated by goats. At least that’s how it seemed—they were everywhere—but we successfully kept them away from the bride in her stunning gown from Bridal at Aubrey Rose. She looked incredible, and finished off the whole look with some pretty stunning cowboy boots!

The bouquet was created by Chiara Anne Floral Couture using David Austins, Freesia, Eryngium, succulents and Eucalyptus leaves.

I have to say—Albion on Swan is a really an ideal place for the DIY-types. Right by the river it has rustic charm, open outdoor spaces and a great big empty shed for the reception. If you’ve got an eye for this kind of thing you’ll be dreaming up all kinds of possibilities for styling the inside and outside.


The couple went with a white, semi-naked cake (more popular then the naked cake now apparently) featuring floral decorations and a cursive cake topper.

Eat No Evil did the catering and it was devilishly delicious with music played by local band the Easy Tigers. They kept the dance floor rocking all night.


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By Adam Levi Browne Photography

Adam Levi Brown is a Perth Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Capture Magazine Documentary Photographer of the Year for 2017.