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Why is the New York Times talking about Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Gown?

Vanessa Friedman of the New York Times speculates that the fashion moment of the year may have been the “not-quite-royal-wedding-of-the-year” of Pippa Middleton. In particular, she thinks Pippa’s bridal gown—designed by Giles Deason—may change a fashion career.

Mr. Deacon, after all, made his name as part of the cooler, conceptual strain of British design. “Eccentric” is an adjective often attached to his name. He’s the guy who put Cate Blanchett in an enormous strapless empire gown at Cannes in 2015, decorated with a digitized print he called a “Tudor collage,” and who dressed Solange Knowles in what looked like two oversize, unfurled fans for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala that same year. Last year, he stepped off the London Fashion Week schedule to show couture instead; a signal, seemingly, that he was going to go even more extreme and extravagant.”

So when rumors began to fly that Ms. Middleton had picked Mr. Deacon to make her dress, it seemed unlikely … How wrong that was.”

She goes on to describe the dress (“high-necked, cap-sleeved, molded to her torso; fairy tale and contemporary at the same time, with a full skirt but not a stuffed one”) as “not radical by any means”.

It turns out that Mr. Deacon can walk the line between fantasy and appropriate as well as any of his peers, and there’s a good chance we have all been introduced to the Next Big British Wedding Dress Designer. In not making a statement, he made a statement.

Of course, it hasn’t taken long for the influence of the wedding to be felt. The Daily Mail reports

Searches for high-neck lace dresses, glass marquees and vintage motors have soared on search engines and bridal websites since Saturday”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that “Less than 48 hours after the marriage of Ms Middleton to James Matthews, Melbourne bridal couturiers are already bracing for the “Pippa effect”:

They’re chasing that demure look but still wanting it to be fashion forward. The beauty about where that capped sleeve was cut was you could see the incredible muscle on her arms. She has an amazing athletic body, but the sleeve was very much, ‘Hello, look at me,’ ” she said.

However, Australian girls are only slowly moving towards a more covered silhouette, she said, with dresses along the lines of the strapless J’Aton gown Judd wore for her 2010 wedding still one of her most requested styles.

One designer remarked that “The Middleton sisters have pushed us towards a more traditional view of wedding dresses”

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