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Is Marriage Really Monstrous? Or is it Worth it?

Nash Riggins writes that with the average wedding costing $54,000, it seems only the rich can afford to marry. However she is still paying for her nuptials years later, but doesn’t regret a penny.

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Marriage isn’t for everyone. Some people are terrified of commitment, while others just never meet “the one”. To each their own. Yet, more and more often, couples aren’t choosing to forgo marriage because they’ve got some fierce, ideological objection to monogamy. They simply don’t belong to the right social class.

According to research from the Marriage Foundation, tying the knot is becoming a luxury that many people will never be able to afford. Nowadays, only 25% of mothers who live in social housing are getting married, compared with 72% of those with a mortgage. Likewise, more than 80% of mothers with some sort of degree are getting married, versus half of those without a university education. Believe it or not, that’s not because poor people don’t love each other.

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