Where we are

Providing music and entertainment with an extremely high level of care and attention to detail, to ensure your event is a day to be remembered.

South Sound Events is committed to providing a premium professional wedding service to clients that do not want to worry about anything in the lead up to their wedding, and especially on the day.

Our DJs are not too old, not too young and understand the impact that music has on the atmosphere for the entire event, not just while everyone is dancing. We understand how to tactfully handle requests that are not appropriate for the mood you wish to be setting, but we are also more than happy to play any requests that do fit in with what we are trying to achieve.

We work with the venue coordinator and your MC to assist in managing the event. Anything that we see that needs attention, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Our service is not just one dimensional, its not just music – its about working together to achieve the end result, an amazing party and experience for you and your guests.

We do not have a ‘wedding playlist’ but rather build the music for the evening around the discussions we have before the event as to what music holds significance for you, your partner and your friends and family.