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So you’re wanting to get married and want to ensure your dream day is absolutely perfect. Let me help you to ensure your ceremony is everything you want it to be.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on getting engaged!

It is such an honour and a joy to share in a wedding celebration.

Given that a wedding is such an important occasion, you can be assured that I will help you with every step of the process. With so many options for weddings styles, let me guide you through your choices and help make your wedding a beautiful memory.

About Me

My background is as a performing arts professional.  Twenty years working in the theatre as a singer, presenter and educator, have given me a unique insight into the art of communication and the practical aspects of bringing a ceremony to life.

When it was suggested to me that I become a celebrant, it seemed like a natural fit.

I see ceremonies, whether they be marriages, renewal of vows, same-sex commitments or naming ceremonies as personal, special, unique and memorable occasions that are above all a celebration of and for the people involved.

My unique professional experience allows me to understand, support and highlight the individual qualities of those at the centre of each ceremony. I can help diffuse any anxiety you may feel, so that you are at ease and excited about being the centre of attention on your special day. Your ceremony will then be fun and relaxed and you will create lasting memories for all those involved.

I am delighted to say that the portfolio of my professional life is full of music, planning and delivering ceremonies, and coaching others to fulfil their potential in the areas of voice and communication.

The Steps…

  1. We can meet and have a no obligation chat about what’s involved and what you are planning for you wedding day.
  2. If you would like to go ahead we can meet to complete the initial paperwork. Then we can get started on the fun part of planning your ceremony.
  3. We will consider all the important elements of any ceremony. I see these as the music, the words, the people involved, the vows, the rings, the photos and anything else that takes your fancy.The most important thing is that your ceremony is exactly how you want it to be! No wedding is too simple or too complicated!
  4. We will then plan a rehearsal to make sure you feel absolutely confident about the logistics of the day. At the rehearsal we can also complete the pre-wedding legal paperwork.

Registry-Style Weddings

Perhaps you are planning to have a ceremony in Bali or some other exotic and beautiful location. I can assist you before you leave so you can enjoy your trip knowing that everything is legally complete.

You can of course, also choose somewhere that is special to you…one of Perth’s beautiful beaches, a picturesque park in the Avon Valley, a rustic vintage setting at one of the Swan Valley’s many wineries, or indeed your own home….the possibilities are endless!

All you need is yourselves and two witnesses to solemnise your marriage.

Regional Weddings

If you are planning a ceremony in our beautiful southwest or perhaps up north in Broome, you can complete your paperwork and plan your wedding here in Perth before heading to your chosen special venue. Please contact me to discuss how this would work best for you and the costs involved.