Where we are

The Ludlow Tuart Forest is 15km to the North East of the Busselton town center with a scenic drive right through the middle. There plenty of picnic areas throughout the forest however, the Layman Picnic Site is the most suitable for a wedding ceremony due to the presence of a wooden arbour.

We visited September 2017, and the arbour was in good condition. It was actually created in 2013 as an ephemeral art project by Nicole Mickle called “doorway to Ludlow forest“, but has made this site popular with brides.

The Tuart forest itself is beautiful. Tuart trees grows only on the coastal limestone 200 kilometres on either side of Perth and the Ludlow Forest is the largest remaining forest in the world and contains the largest trees in the state—some more then 33 metres tall.

The Forest is also a popular spot for post-ceremony photography. See Kelli and Wade (2012) and Lauren and Michael (2014).