Where we are

The History Village is located on the site of the old Upper Darling Range Railway Station built in the 1890s to service the Zig Zag line which transported timber from Canning Mills to the main line at Midland Junction.

Containing about twelve historic, weatherboard buildings in addition to other historic artifacts the village may provide the perfect setting for a rustic, romantic wedding ceremony or photo session.

None of the buildings can be used for an indoors ceremony, but the village can be used as a beautiful backdrop. There are plenty of locations within the village for unique photographs.

To see a wedding in this venue, check on Rachel & Phillip’s Quirky Country Wedding (2012).

If you would like more details, wish to have a tour, or make a booking for your week-end wedding phone, the Village office, between 10am and 3pm, or email, to make an appointment to visit and discuss a date, and make arrangements.