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By Kirsten Graham From Compose Photography


Get inspired by Alicia and Alex’s delightful rustic wedding in Busselton

Well, I’m so glad the shots of the couple’s first dance turned out so well because for Alicia, it was one of her favourite moments—dancing in the clouds. Alicia and Alex got married in April last year at the Old Broadwater Farm in Busselton. They both had large families so they wanted the day to be loud and entertaining for all their relatives to enjoy, and that’s exactly how it turned out.

Alicia never planned for a rustic-themed wedding, but that’s how it ended up happening:

“Before Alex even proposed I thought I had my whole wedding planned out completely and never thought I’d have gone with the rustic theme. But when the time came and he proposed to me, the rustic theme was really coming into fashion and it was just so beautiful that I couldn’t picture my wedding any other way.”

Blue was Alicia’s favourite colour and so what better way to show it off then using four different shades of it for the bridesmaids. She also sewed two blue hearts on the inside of her train to remember both of her grandfathers who had passed away the week before her first son was born. (They also had the bluest cupcakes I’ve ever seen!).

Alex’s cream-suit took Alicia nearly two years to find.


All of the decorations where DIY, and to mix up the day they organised a variety of lawn games that were a major hit—like the giant Jenga and Badminton.

Alicia says the lolly buffet was her favourite detail and a massive success with all the guests. We can’t imagine why! For the cake, the couple had two tiers of cupcakes with a small cake on top:

“It was absolutely perfect and we only ended up having 6 cupcakes left over so there was no waste at all. The cake stand was made by my uncle and it was so beautiful. He did an incredible job and it fitted into the rustic theme just perfectly.”


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