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Hairstyle ideas for flower girls

Jordan Strohl writes that the flower girl has a pretty important part in the wedding. All eyes will be on the adorable girl walking down the aisle right before you make your entrance. So, when it comes to your flower girl’s hairstyle, there are so many options you can choose from based on the theme, place, and season of your wedding. Here are 10 different flower girl hairstyles that the little ones love!

Flower girl with flower crown Photo Credit: Verity Edgecombe

Everyone loves a good flower crown.  Whether it’s dainty and thin  or big and statement making, flower crowns are a great accessory for spring and summer flower girls.  If your starring beauty doesn’t want the full on crown, because, let’s face it, the flower girl has her own style, too then you can always opt for two little flower clips that will be just as cute in a half-up do.

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