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Echoes of the Great Gatsby at Trasna & Marc’s Mosman Park wedding

Well, I was just a bit in love with Trasna and Marc's reception at Mosman's Restaurant. The themed styling, the black glassware, the cake stand, and not to mention all of the hard work from Trasna's family in creating the stunning floral arrangements...

Marc and Trasna met at their office Christmas party, Marc having moved to Perth from Wales just six months earlier. Several dates followed soon after, with the couple bonding over a shared love of music and the unexpected coincidence of Marc having lived and worked in the channel island of Jersey, the birthplace of Trasna’s mother, and where she still has family.

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The two of them wanted the wedding theme to incorporate Trasna’s love of history (particularly the 1920s, setting of the Great Gatsby), their own family heritage (Welsh, Northern Irish and Jersey), and of course, a bit of creative DIY. The choice of location was a no-brainer—they had first met in the park next to Mosman’s Restaurant, and so it held a special place in their heart, and the perfect venue for celebrating their marriage.

Compose - T&M - Collage 1 Marc’s cuff links displaying the Welsh flag

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Trasna writes:

“I was blessed to have received my Nannas veil as my something old which she wore on her wedding day which was hand stitched and embroidered in Northern Ireland. It meant so much to me as she was unable to attend the day so I felt like she was there. Previously I had sourced some vintage Irish lace pieces in a small town in Northern Ireland near to where my dad was born that I had incorporated into the most outstanding headpiece created by Anita at Kezani Jewellery which added to the day. Anita’s passion to create this piece for me and her ability to include the Irish lace made it so special.”

The hair and makeup where intended to give a nod to the 1920s, without make Trasna feel like she was going to a fancy dress party.

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The ceremony was held in Bayview Park, a short walk from Mosman’s Restaurant. The wedding decor was provided by Maeline from Wedding Day Flair, and she did not disappoint! The white arbour, white Tiffany chairs, antique signing table, and a stunning drinks table created the perfect combination of vintage and fun and complimented the amazing views over the city from the park. We set out a basket of thongs for guests to use to make the short walk down the hill to the reception after the ceremony, and that really went down a treat–both for the trip, and later in the night on the dance floor.

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The couple also hired some oversized chess, noughts and crosses and connect 4 games to keep guests entertained whilst they were off having their photos done. The kids sure loved it!

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The ceremony was officiated by Ingrid Reiger who had been recommended to the couple. She really took the time to get to know and understand them, and took so much care to involve all members of the family as they had wanted. Trasna says that she created the most wonderful ceremony, and that by the end of the day, they all felt like Ingrid had become part of the family.

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Mosmans Restaurant has a wonderful history, starting in 1904 as a jetty and boatshed, and now comprising a beautifully ambient restaurant, it made the perfect backdrop for Marc and Trasna’s international guests and gave them the opportunity to take in the signs of Perth across the river.

Trasna was very happy with the quality of service she received from Jacie, Mosman’s wedding coordinator and writes that

“No request seemed to pose an issue and her excitement and enthusiasm was contagious. Mosman’s food has won many awards and with both of us having a keen love of food, the sumptuous three course dinner with canapés they offered was exactly what we wanted.”

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Trasna created the seating chart using one of her favourite quotes from the Great Gatsby and hand wrote all the guests name tags and put together all the wedding stationary.

Compose Photography-100 “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Trasna’s family create the floral arrangements, having collected many votive’s and small vases for table decorations—and that included a few sneaky Easter eggs due to the timing of the wedding.

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The wedding “wishing well” was created by the couple and was a replica of the Rugby World cup complete with the Welsh, Irish and Australian rugby world cup scarves (Marc loves rugby). The black wine and water glasses and cake plateau from Hire Society managed to bring that glamorous touch of 1920s to the overall look of the table settings.

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Trasna and Marc brought in their family heritage with alternate wedding favours of Welsh distilled whiskey (carefully brought over by Marc’s parents from Wales) and Jersey distilled Vodka and pink salt (Trasna’s favourite).

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