A Paper Crane Princess on the South Perth Foreshore

Haili hand folded 1000 paper cranes for her arbour and table decoration. Can you imagine? This labour of love was inspired by the Japanese legend of anyone who folds this many cranes is granted a wish. I was blown away by Haili’s commitment to this prospect and feel pretty certain it’s a beautiful reflection of her dedication and love of Ben and I’m sure her wish came true!

This DIY Event Program is Perfect for a Hot Summer Wedding in Perth

What better idea for a hot summer wedding then a program that doubles as a cooling fan? Well that's what Dave and Chelsey got for their ceremony thanks to the work of their talented friend Shem Spina. There was a twist however. On the back of these programs there where some words and pictures appropriate to the Facebook generation for the audience to show their enthusiasm during the event! All photographs are by Shot From the Heart

DIY Honey Jar Wedding Favours

These sweet little homemade wedding favours caught our eye. Honey, jams and preserves like these have been popular as favours for some time now as they work well with outdoorsy, rustic weddings and they're great for people wanting something local, organic and gourmet.

Plenty of DIY at Dave & Chelsey’s Swan Valley Wedding

Dave and Chelsey are close friends of ours and although we couldn't make it to their wedding, we were delighted to see the photographs. We love to see a couple's style and personality show through on their wedding day, and with their rustic theme and all of the great DIY and vintage decor sourced or made by Chelsey and her mother, this wedding was as unique and personal as you can get.

Great tips for a DIY BBQ Reception

Do you love salt, surf, sand, and sunshine? have you always dreamed of a beach wedding? do you want more than just some seashells in your decor at a stuffy reception centre? Here are some food ideas to have not only your wedding but also your reception at the place that you love most, the beach.

Questions about Jewellery?

So you've been dating for a while now and you think it's time to express your love in a material way. Trust us on this one, there is no better way to say "I think you're swell" than with a nice piece of jewellery. But you want to save it for special occasions or you're likely to get a ma…